Your Council

Nun Monkton Parish Council comprises five councillors appointed through Local Elections, usually every four years. 


The councillors elect their Chairman and Vice-Chairman annually at the May council meeting, which usually follows an Annual Parish Meeting. 


Bi-monthly meetings start at 7.00pm and are held, usually at the Yorkshire Heart Vineyard and Brewery, on the third Tuesday of alternate months, starting in January 2022.


Meeting notifications are posted on the Parish Council website, followed by relevant agendas, ahead of each meeting.  The Parish Council has a notice board near the Alice Hawthorn, but this is currently in a state of disrepair - Parish Council notices will appear on there as and when possible.  Note also that, on an ad hoc/courtesy basis only, the PC will endeavour to pass on notification of meetings to the Village Email System - this is not a legal requirement however and the primary notification method will remain as the Parish Council website.  Please refer to the PC website as the primary source of information.


The usual way to contact the Parish Council is via the Parish Council Manager.  Issues can be raised to individual Councillors, who are volunteers, but please note that they are not lawfully permitted to offer personal opinions in their position as a Councillor, nor can they carry out any action on behalf of the Parish Council without the permission of the whole Council.  In short, they cannot be 'lobbied' in the same way that a Borough/District or County Councillor on a salary can.


The public are invited and welcome to attend the meetings. There is a period set aside at the start of the meeting for members of the public to raise any concerns or ask questions.  Please note that this is not a period to initiate discussion, just to raise issues for later discussion by the Council.


The council has the power to raise money through taxation, the precept. The Council determines the amount of precept as a part of its annual budget setting and this is collected on the council’s behalf by Harrogate Borough Council through the Council Tax.